New Programme Approvals

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The School of Health, Nursing & Midwifery is a leader in the provision of student-centred, personalised and distinctive programmes, which we are continually updating to ensure they are professionally relevant for contemporary and future practice. Over the last few months we have had approval of a number of new, innovative and exciting programmes that will commence from September 2015. These include:

  • Professional Doctorate- Prof Ruth Deery
  • MSc Mental Health Practice (replacing Psychosocial Interventions)- Mark Gillespie
  • BSc (Hon) Professional Health Studies (replacing BSc Health Studies)- Elaine Stevens
  • BSc (Hon) Nursing (aimed at an International market)- Brian Johnston
  • BA (Hon) Integrated Health and Social Care (replacing BA Integrated Public Service)- Helen Rainey
  • Graduate Certificate Acute Mental Health- Alison Toner

For further information about these programmes go to


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