What a Field Trip!

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As part of the University’s internationalisation strategy and in order for students to gain more international experience, the School of Engineering and Computing and our school have teamed up with our partner institution, University of South China (USC – www.usc.edu.cn), in Hengyang, Hunan Province, China, to organise a two-week summer field course from 18 June to 1 July 2016. Five spaces for each School were opened to students of all levels in nursing and computing programmes.

Two second year mental health students heading off to China are Gemma Dearie (Hamilton) and Suzanne Hainey (Ayr). Talking about this experience Suzanne said

“I am very excited yes 😊.  We will be leaving 19th of June and returning on 2nd July.  I have a good relationship with the Charge Nurse at my base placement and will discuss this with her also when I go in next week for a catch up before I start on 6th June.

I have started a journal to record everything from start to finish and I am intending to photograph the whole experience as well.  My own part in this will be to explore the differences in culture and attitudes to mental health and recovery between the two countries.  I am proposing to share this experience with everyone when we start back in September.”

Best wishes also to Hayley Fleck (Midwifery – Paisley); Elaine Lawson (Adult – Paisley) and  Francesca DeGuelmi (Adult – Dumfries) who are also on their way to China.

Planned activities during the two weeks will include interaction with USC students, participating in seminars, taking part in Chinese lessons and cultural shows, visiting hospitals and for the Enginnering students perhaps a visit to a software  company, and joint presentations of UK and China’s Higher Education systems with USC students.


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