Well Done, Michael Brennan!

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Michael Brennan with Bank of Scotland Morningside Edinburgh branch manager Sarah Horsburgh (from the Daily Record)

Michael Brennan , a retired mental health lecturer from our school has raised £10,000 plus for people with mental health problems in Ghana. Having retired from lecturing, Michael spent two lengthy periods in both 2011 and 2014 volunteering as a nurse teacher at Pantang Hospital, a very large mental health facility on the outskirts of Accra in Ghana. Since he returned he has been fundraising  to improve the lives and living conditions of the many poor patients residing within the hospital.

Having raised these funds Michael plans to return to the hospital next year in order to see for himself the difference the money has made. If you wish to contribute to what is a very deserving cause you can donate via Paypal from his blog page at: http://volunteermentalhealthghana.tumblr.com/.

Thanks to the Daily Record, which ran this story from its website on the 22nd August


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