“Walk in my Shoes” Test

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As part of the development of the New Dumfries and Galloway Hospital mock-up rooms which are an exact replica of the 344 bedrooms which are currently being constructed at the new site near Cargenbridge, on the outskirts of Dumfries have been built. The £212 million hospital will feature the largest single rooms in Scotland, with all of them en-suite. Some of the main features in the room include floor to ceiling windows and an integrated nurse calling system. for more details,  see:


Yesterday, to get an idea of how people with dementia might view the rooms our school were invited to take some staff and students into the rooms, using simulation equipment that helps people understand what having some of the sensory losses and impairments that people with dementia may develop may be like. Using the equipment a “walk in my shoes” simulation was carried out. It is hoped that the ‘testing’ will help to develop understanding about how people with cognitive or sensory impairment may feel in the new rooms and perhaps assist in improving their design.

(Thanks to mental health lecturer Anna Waugh for the pics).


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