Documentary Featuring School Staff Well Recieved

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Yesterday BBC Wales showed a documentary Programme called “Beti and David: Lost for Words”

In this programme about Beti George who cares for her partner David Parry-Jones – an iconic broadcaster once dubbed ‘the voice of Welsh rugby’ talk about the challenges and frustrations facing thousands of carers across Wales questioning the ways on which dementia carers are supported by government and the community in their task.  The programme featured some staff from the School of Nursing, Margaret Brown (Senior Lecturer) and Anna Waugh (Lecturer in Mental Health) and Dr Barbara Sharp from the Alzheimer’s Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice which is based at Hamilton Campus. Some local people with experience of the problems facing carers also took part; Janice Stewart (a link worker from Lanarkshire), and a local carer. The programme, shown last night at 9 pm is available on iPlayer at

Initial reaction to the programme has been very positive.  See Wales Online

More details about the issues raised by the programme can be found at


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