Tackling Inequalities through Health and Social Care Design: NewMOOC!

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In collaboration with the Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre and the University of Dundee, UWS has been involved in the development of a MOOC called Tackling Inequalities through Health and Social Care Design. The MOOC will launch on the 29th of May 2017.

the MOOC is a free online course for anyone interested in finding out what health inequalities are, and how practitioners, managers, policymakers and the public can work together to help reduce them. The course offers 12 hours of learning over 4 weeks – register now! 

This enjoyable and informative professional development opportunity will enable learners to develop their knowledge of inequalities, learning from initiatives here in Scotland and overseas that are working to reduce them. It looks at different approaches to improving health and social outcomes across Scotland for a wide range of groups including vulnerable pregnant women, children, young offenders and GP patients in some of the most deprived communities in the country.

The course covers topics including:

  • The social determinants of health
  • Hidden health inequalities
  • Technology & access to care
  • Planning and designing an improvement project
  • Ethnic, cultural and gender differences in health outcomes
  • Nutrition & diet in early years
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to improvement
  • Criminal justice and health outcomes
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Designing services for vulnerable groups
  • Addressing patient well-being via co-located services

Join learners from around the world to explore this critical topic. If you have questions about the course, you can connect with the course organisers on Facebook and Twitter.


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