A Message from Our Students in Athens: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

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Our Midwifery students on a busman’s holiday volunteering with Amurtel in Greece have posted a really inspiring blogging piece after their first week in Athens. You are doing great work there.

They would like to remind people that the charity they are with, Amurtel Greece have launched their summer fundraising campaign which enables them to keep a supply of items which women and babies are needing throughout the year. Please share this page far and wide and consider donating to an excellent cause which is making a huge difference to immigrant women in Athens.


Placement in Athens

It’s the end of our first week of volunteering with Amurtel and we started the day by donating the money we raised. The total amount transferred was €1758.65 and the staff at Amurtel extend their gratitude to all of you wonderful people who supported us in getting here. The kindness and generosity of everyone who helped with our fundraising and provided us with thousands of maternity pads and breast pads has greatly moved everyone at Amurtel, so thank you all once again. Every penny is going to great use and it is changing the lives of the women and babies who Amurtel support.

As well as Sarah and I, there are two more visiting volunteers and this afternoon we set off into Exarcheia to do some outreach work. Andreia, the project officer, had been contacted and notified of a squat about 1mile away and had arranged to send over a…

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Director of UWS Institute for Research in Healthcare Policy and Practice Delivers Inaugural Lecture

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David Chapman-Jones, Director of University of the West of Scotland’s Institute for Research in Healthcare Policy and Practice (IRHPP), delivered a public lecture at Paisley Campus on 19th June 2018.

The inaugural lecture, ‘Wounds, Racehorses, Lamborghinis and Lady Jane Grey: Who’d ever put those together in the same sentence?’, focused on whether modern society discourages a person with a wide knowledge and learning known as a polymath. It weaved through David’s own experience of being a polymath, exploring some of the world’s great polymath examples and questioned whether they could have flourished as easily today.

David studied Forensic Medicine and Science with The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in association with the Department of Forensic Medicine at Guy’s hospital. As part of this course of study he examined the use of human tissue in research and the ethics of the separation of conjoined twins.

The research into the use of human tissue in research brought his attention to the work of a coroner which, in addition to having a medical qualification requires you to be a solicitor or barrister. That prompted him to study law, gain a master of Laws in Health and Medical Ethics and join the Inner Temple Inns of Court to train to be a barrister.

In 2003 he founded a company commercialising in a technology that he’d been researching in the previous years – electroceutical medicine – which was involved with wound care research, management and practice. He subsequently worked with the University of Manchester, Imperial College in London and many wound care centres, clinicians and hospitals.

David joined UWS in February 2017 and identified an opportunity to make the IRHPP something significant, producing themes of research that can meaningfully influence practice and policy to the ultimate benefit of patients, users of services and their families.

Commenting on his public lecture David Chapman-Jones said:

“I am delighted to have delivered this public lecture and to have had the opportunity to provide academics and members of the public with an insight into my career journey and my experience of being a polymath.”

Inspiring Students @uwshealth

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Perhaps the best post you can make on World Refugee Day! 

UWS midwifery students Sarah Scarlett and Lauren O’Neill (pictured below) have arrived in Greece for a summer of volunteering, helping women who have been forced to flee their homes and are living in refugee camps.


The midwifery students from Hamilton Campus will be working with the charity Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies, and have been fundraising and collecting supplies ahead of the trip.

You can follow their summer experiences by visiting their blog at


@UniWestScotland @uwshealth Career Fair Deemed a Resounding Success

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Over 350 of our School’s students, from across the four Scottish campuses, attended the University-organised Nursing Careers Fair at Paisley Campus on Tuesday 12th June 2018.

The event was attended by 36 exhibitors all keen to speak with our nursing students about their future employment opportunities, with several students receiving employment offers on the day.  Exhibitors included local and national NHS Health Boards and government agencies, as well as nursing agencies and private healthcare providers.

Feedback from the event was extremely positive with students highlighting the networking opportunities with a range of employers as well as the ability to undertake interviews on the day as particularly important.  The exhibitors at the event also commented on the high calibre of the students they met throughout the day as was evidenced by the numerous job offers received from our students.

Maria Pollard, Deputy Dean of the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery said

“We are delighted with the positive response we have received from our students and exhibitors to this extremely successful event. It was very encouraging to hear of the numerous job offers made on the day and I’m sure that many more will follow in the weeks ahead as a result of connections made at the event.”


Scotland’s Breastfeeding Celebration and Awareness Week 18-22 June

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Scotland’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week will take place 18-22 June, and the focus has been directed by the findings from the Scottish Maternal and Infant Feeding Survey – mainly breastfeeding in public and empowering women around milk supply issues. Scotland will also be celebrating the wonderful achievement of 100% Baby Friendly accreditation in maternity and community services. Find out more about Scotland’s recent infant feeding survey results.

Breastfeeding weeks aim to raise awareness of the health and well-being outcomes of breastfeeding and the importance of supporting mothers to breastfeed for as long as they wish.  Please find below an informative video.

We are proud to have fully UNICEF BFI accredited midwifery and health visiting programmes at UWS and we will be engaging with this event- more information to follow!!!!

New Transport Links to Lanarkshire Campus Announced

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The University has announced that there will be two new transport links to and from the new campus in Lanarkshire. Transport operator, First Bus, will launch regular bus services between Hamilton International Technology Park – where the campus is located – to Hamilton and East Kilbride Bus Stations.

The service will be available to all students, staff and the public from 03 September 2018, providing a fast, reliable, frequent and environmentally friendly travel option for commuters.
Service UW1 will operate every 10 minutes between Hamilton Bus Station, Hamilton West and the Lanarkshire campus, providing a link with most other bus and rail services in the area.

Service UW2 will provide a direct service between East Kilbride Bus Station and the new campus.
Both services will be on UWS branded double-decker buses with additional features including leather seats with built-in USB ports and free wi-fi. A fantastic range of money-saving fares will be available.

The new services represent a significant milestone for the University as we prepare to welcome the first cohort of students to our new £110 million campus in September.

The campus – with its technology-rich, innovative learning and social spaces – will be at the forefront of modern learning environments and significantly enriches the educational journey of the 4,000 students and 300 staff who will attend there. Look out for further notices across the University when full bus timetables are confirmed.

Launch of the LIFE Programmes

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The launch of LIFE programmes will take place at the University of the West of Scotland Paisley campus on Tuesday 24th July (10am-2pm). Click here to register

 The LIFE programmes aim to support people to develop positive caring cultures in housing, health and social care, as well as, other educational and practice-oriented public service contexts. Click below to see a video with more information about the programmes.




The essence of the LIFE programmes is to value Learning and Innovating from Everyday Excellence (LIFE) as an approach to bringing about transformational change. The underpinning conceptual framework for the LIFE programmes has been generated and researched over a number of years in a wide range of settings.  The framework encompasses using Appreciative Inquiry and Caring Conversations to promote relationship-centred and evidence-informed practice.  This approach has been recognised nationally and internationally through the work of the My Home Life programme and other practice development initiatives which aim to promote sustainable, positive culture change.

For those who currently or previously have been involved with these programmes, this event is a chance to connect with and celebrate this new phase in the LIFE journey. For those who are new to the LIFE programmes, it will offer a lively, participatory way in which to engage and find out more.

In essence, the day will offer opportunities to:

Learn more about how we bring Life programmes alive-

you will be introduced to the people, relationships, methods and resources that breathe life into the Life programmes

Hear stories from practitioners who have benefited from the programme- these are likely to be stories of bewilderment, new discoveries, wee mistakes, rich conversations and celebrations

Consider how our approach could be applied in your own work setting-

LIFE programmes offer an approach that is as relevant to the chat over tea as it is to the strategic planning meeting, this event will be a chance to explore the ways in which it is applicable to your context

I look forward to the opportunity the launch event presents to explore the potential for the growth of new and existing relationships as we collaborate on shaping the future possibilities of LIFE.