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Congratulations to a Super Mum!

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She is not from our School, but we would like to congratulate her anyway. Well done, to  Jennifer Piggott a recent graduate of the School of Media, Culture and Society who has been highly commended for her volunteering work with Barnardo’s Scotland’s Nurture Services in Inverclyde, whilst studying here at UWS.

BSc Psychology graduate, and mum of five, Jennifer gave up her own time to act as a befriender for more than two years, working closely with a nine-year-old boy and mentoring a young mum. Jennifer said:

“I have absolutely loved volunteering with Barnardo’s. You can see for yourself that it can make a real difference. It is only sacrificing a few hours of your time. I think more people should do it. I learned so much about myself.”

Jennifer who graduated from the Paisley Campus in the summer of 2017 decided to go part-time from her full-time employment to allow her to undertake her degree.
She said:

“It was something I always wanted to do, work with children and young people. But I realised when I was doing the degree that there were no work placements so I looked about for volunteering opportunities and came across Barnardo’s.”

Jennifer was nominated for the Marsh Trust’s outstanding contribution to volunteering award and received a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate.

Barnardo’s Nurture Services gives support to families in Inverclyde, providing a wide range of opportunities on-site and through outreach to promote family well-being. Children and families are at the core of service delivery, using a range of individual and group work at the service base, within the family home or in school. The service is currently recruiting volunteers to befriend children and young people, parent mentors and to support groups with children and families. For anyone interested in more information, contact Hannah Burns on 01475 728493 or email


Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies Integreate Care Conference

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CummingsEBThe School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery have recently established a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies.

They are pleased to host their annual integrated care conference, The 5 C’s of Integrated Healthcare: Care, Collaboration, Cost, Community, & Culture, taking place at The Camby Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, USA March 8-10, 2018.

Two members of staff from the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery will be attending and presenting at this event.

This conference brings together students, educators, thought leaders, providers, and innovators to explore, discuss, and be inspired by innovations in the growing field of integrated care. The 2018 conference will explore 5 topics, Care, Collaboration, Cost, Community, and Culture. Presentations, workshops, and panel discussions on each of these topics will be offered throughout the conference by experts, innovators, and disruptors making an impact in the integrated care and behavioural health arenas.

Benefits of Attending

  • Networking – Meet, converse, and connect with 50+ experts, educators, providers, students and innovators in the integrated care and behavioural health arenas
  • Ideas & Innovation- Discover new ideas, trends, innovations, and advancements in integrated care
  • Skills & Knowledge – Attend sessions on topics of interest to advance your understanding and skill set in Care, Collaboration, Cost, Community, and Culture
  • Resources – Gain access to materials and information from conference exhibitors and presenters to advance your performance
  • Perspectives – Listen and learn from the perspectives of a diverse community of integrated care and behavioural health professionals, experts, and educators from around the country and even abroad.

Registration is now open. Registered attendees are eligible to earn CEU’s at the conference. A maximum of 7.5 continuing education units are available.

Register early to save. Rates increase after 9th February 2018.

To learn more visit:

Launch of ‘Kinections: Strengthening Community in Care Homes Within East Ayrshire

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A new project in East Ayrshire will be launched on Feb 6th, 2018 the University of the West of Scotland Ayr campus.

The project, ‘Kinections- strengthening community in care homes’ is being delivered thanks to £225,000 funding from The Life Changes Trust.

The project is a partnership between the My Home Life Scotland/ University of the West of Scotland and East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. My Home Life Scotland is part of a UK-wide and international movement committed to strengthening relationships between care homes and their local communities. This project will specifically involve people living with dementia in care homes across the East Ayrshire region and those who support them, in both rural and urban communities.

Care homes in East Ayrshire already engage in an exploration of what matters to people living with dementia, and ways in which the wider community may participate in enabling people to live the best lives possible.  This funding will be used to build on this work and further develop the capacity to find out what community means to people with dementia and to strengthen relationships between people living in care homes and the wider community. As part of the project care home residents, visiting family and friends, staff and members of the wider community will be involved in trying out a variety of new ideas, activities, and initiatives in the care setting and in the wider community.

Professor Belinda Dewar, Professor of Practice Improvement with the University of the West of Scotland, said,

“We are delighted to have secured funding from Life Changes Trust for this exciting new project which will build on our strong relationship with East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. Through this project we will work closely with care home residents living with dementia and those who support them to discover what matters to them, their hopes and aspirations and what being part of a dementia-friendly community means to them. The project will be underpinned by My Home Life’s commitment to appreciative inquiry and relationship-centred practice. By prioritising reciprocal relationships and valuing everyone living, dying, visiting, working and volunteering in care homes we are aiming to create an enriched care environment where older people with dementia and staff and families who support them experience a sense of security, belonging, continuity, purpose, achievement, and significance.”

Councillor Jim McMahon, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Older People and Community Safety with East Ayrshire Council, said, 

“Dementia can really affect someone’s life in a number of ways and they can often end up isolated. Here in East Ayrshire, we are constantly striving to make sure no one is left feeling lonely and getting the community involved with our care homes is definitely having a positive impact on our residents with dementia. This funding from the Life Changes Trust is fantastic as it gives us the opportunity to further involve the community in our care homes and bridge the gap between all our residents here in East Ayrshire.”

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE. The Password if required is “community”

For more information on Life Change Trust funding for Dementia Friendly Communities, see the Trust website:

Happy New Year From Everyone @uwshealth

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COPD in South West Scotland the Focus of EU Parliamentary Presentation

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Professor John Lockhart of the UWS School of Science and Sport, delivered a presentation at the EU Parliament on 21 November 2017 regarding a collaborative international project, which is focusing on the causes, treatment and potential prevention of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is an incurable lung disease that is a leading cause of death worldwide, and is particularly prevalent in both South West Scotland and Ireland. In Ayrshire & Arran and Dumfries & Galloway, COPD-related hospital admission are amongst the highest in the UK. It significantly impairs quality of life and has a high cost to health services and the wider economy.

To raise awareness across Europe of this disease, Professor Lockhart delivered this presentation at the EU Parliament in which he highlighted the work of the ‘BREATH’ (Border and Regions Airways Training Hub) project.

BREATH is a strong cross-border partnership between UWS and the Dundalk Institute of Technology in the Republic of Ireland and Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. This €7.7 million EU INTERREG VA funded project has established a world-class cluster of researchers who will help address the causes, treatment and potential prevention of COPD. In 2011 the annual economic burden of COPD across the EU was estimated at approximately €141.4 billion.

Professor John Lockhart, who is Director of the UWS Institute of Biomedical and Environmental Health Research (IBEHR), said:

“COPD is the third biggest killer in Scotland with numbers continuing to rise. This exciting new collaborative programme will provide major insights into lung disease in South West Scotland, where COPD is particularly prevalent. This will help identify better treatments and possible preventions, and also enhance public awareness.”

Dr Gary Litherland of IBEHR, added:

“The huge burden of COPD must be addressed by research effort on an ambitious scale, and EU funding support is essential to realise this. Increased awareness of COPD in badly affected regions such as South West Scotland is also vital. BREATH was highlighted during a recent debate on COPD brought to the Scottish Parliament by MSP Emma Harper, and such national recognition will help us to engage intended beneficiaries in our mission to combat this ‘unknown killer’ disease.”

Recognising the importance of the project Gina McIntyre, CEO of the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB), responsible for managing the EU’s INTERREG VA Programme, said:

“This EU-funded project will establish a world-class cluster of researchers who, by working in partnership, will make a positive difference to the fight against a debilitating health issue which affects many people living across the UK and Ireland. Working on a cross-border basis the project partners will be able to share information and produce data that can help improve the quality of life for people living on all sides of the borders.”

Happy St Andrews Day!

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Happy St Andrews Day from everyone here @uwshealth and @UniWestScotland. Have you seen the Scottish Google Doodle? If not got to

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Best wishes also from all @AlzScotCPP 

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