A Message from Our Students in Athens: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

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Our Midwifery students on a busman’s holiday volunteering with Amurtel in Greece have posted a really inspiring blogging piece after their first week in Athens. You are doing great work there.

They would like to remind people that the charity they are with, Amurtel Greece have launched their summer fundraising campaign which enables them to keep a supply of items which women and babies are needing throughout the year. Please share this page far and wide and consider donating to an excellent cause which is making a huge difference to immigrant women in Athens.


Placement in Athens

It’s the end of our first week of volunteering with Amurtel and we started the day by donating the money we raised. The total amount transferred was €1758.65 and the staff at Amurtel extend their gratitude to all of you wonderful people who supported us in getting here. The kindness and generosity of everyone who helped with our fundraising and provided us with thousands of maternity pads and breast pads has greatly moved everyone at Amurtel, so thank you all once again. Every penny is going to great use and it is changing the lives of the women and babies who Amurtel support.

As well as Sarah and I, there are two more visiting volunteers and this afternoon we set off into Exarcheia to do some outreach work. Andreia, the project officer, had been contacted and notified of a squat about 1mile away and had arranged to send over a…

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Inspiring Students @uwshealth

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Perhaps the best post you can make on World Refugee Day! 

UWS midwifery students Sarah Scarlett and Lauren O’Neill (pictured below) have arrived in Greece for a summer of volunteering, helping women who have been forced to flee their homes and are living in refugee camps.


The midwifery students from Hamilton Campus will be working with the charity Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies, and have been fundraising and collecting supplies ahead of the trip.

You can follow their summer experiences by visiting their blog at


Scotland’s Breastfeeding Celebration and Awareness Week 18-22 June

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Scotland’s Breastfeeding Awareness Week will take place 18-22 June, and the focus has been directed by the findings from the Scottish Maternal and Infant Feeding Survey – mainly breastfeeding in public and empowering women around milk supply issues. Scotland will also be celebrating the wonderful achievement of 100% Baby Friendly accreditation in maternity and community services. Find out more about Scotland’s recent infant feeding survey results.

Breastfeeding weeks aim to raise awareness of the health and well-being outcomes of breastfeeding and the importance of supporting mothers to breastfeed for as long as they wish.  Please find below an informative video.

We are proud to have fully UNICEF BFI accredited midwifery and health visiting programmes at UWS and we will be engaging with this event- more information to follow!!!!

Finding Out What Being a Midwifery Student in NSW is Like

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Professor Belinda Dewar and Tamsin MacBride one of the Adult Nurse Lecturers from our Paisley Campus in collaboration with Associate Professor Virginia Stulz from Western Sydney University have spent the last 2 weeks in Sydney Australia, leading a project funded by New South Wales (NSW) Health.

The project aims to explore and develop the student midwife experience in New South Wales using appreciative inquiry.  Following a 3 day workshop where Belinda and Tamsin supported a research team to develop their appreciative inquiry skills, they worked with co-inquirers in 4 different maternity units across Sydney to put these skills and approaches into action.

You can find out more about our School’s Health Research at:


Double Whammy! Publication Success for Student Midwives.

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What a pleasing sight to open your professional organisations publication and find 2 articles written by your students!

3rd Year BSc Midwifery student Elizabeth Barilli (pictured below) has written a wonderful article about her rural Midiwfery practice experience for the RCM Midwives Magazine. Entitled ‘Student Voice: Dream come true‘, she recounts some of the high points of her time working at Mid Argyll Community Maternity Unit, particularly the ability to provide continuity of care through caseload holding. An inspiring read and great advertisement for rural practice.

2nd Year MSc Midiwfery student Heather Gilchrist (pictured below) explored how important teamwork is for safe maternity care and reflects on her previous experiences as a team leader before her midwifery journey began. In her article ‘Student Voice: Happy birth day!‘ she also tells of the responsibility she felt toward the multidisciplinary team as she informed them of the woman’s contractions during an intense birth and of her joy at working on her birthday and celebrating with colleagues.

Both great ambassadors for midwifery and UWS!!

Post-Graduate Open Day at Paisley

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Discover more about UWS postgraduate courses at our Paisley Campus Open Day on: Tuesday 22nd May, 2pm-5pm.
The Open Day will give prospective students the opportunity to speak to staff about existing and new course developments, discuss their career interests, and discover more about the University’s significant investment in teaching and learning, IT and campus facilities.

Find out more here: www.uws.ac.uk/opendays

#MentalHealthAwareness Week @mentalhealth

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mhaw-banner-identToday marks the start of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week which runs from the 14-20 May. This year the focus is upon stress since research has shown that two-thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, and stress is a key factor in why this is so.

By tackling stress, we can go a long way towards tackling mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and, in some instances, self-harm and suicide. To find more about this year’s events and about tackling stress, click here

If you are a student and you are experiencing stress you may find this link useful.

If you are a student at UWS then this webpage may also be useful. Things not going well?